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Schwarzkopf Trend Hairstyles 2019 – For the Modern Adventuress: Best Braids

We all want to wear styles that nobody else is wearing. Styles that show personality, and emphasize our own individuality. The Schwarzkopf TrendLooks 2019 have been created for strong, confident, powerful women. Hair expert Armin Morbach has devised a total of five looks. Here we present Best Braids, a trendy braided style for cool, modern heroines

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Confident and strong: That's what the TrendLook Best Braids is all about.

Braids are as creative and versatile as you are.

One of THE big hairstyling trends of 2018: Braids. Whether boxer braids, braided crown or the classic French braid – creative, artful braids are currently on the heads of trendsetters everywhere. Schwarzkopf stylist Armin Morbach has interpreted this trend in his own way, developing a braided style as one of his TrendLooks 2019. Best Braids combines tradition (braiding, after all, has been around for millennia) with a super modern, individual touch. “I wanted to create braids that are inspired by different cultures – not just the traditional Bavarian braid. Our braids remind me of the Vikings,” said Armin Morbach. Definitely a look for a cool adventuress like model Kiana Alexis!

What makes the TrendLook Best Braids unique

  • Neat, accurate braiding with no hair sticking out? Not here. Schwarzkopf’s TrendLook Best Braids are allowed to seem a little “messy” – as if these braids had already seen some adventures!
  • To achieve the look, hair should be at least a little past shoulder length. Long, rolled-up braids are the main feature of the Best Braids style.
  • The hairstyle is divided into two parts: At the back of the head is a plaited ponytail, on top of the head a kind of “braid crown.”

How to style Best Braids in real life

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Discover step-by-step how to recreate the Best Braids look at home.
  1. First, comb your hair well, and gather the upper section of your hair into a half ponytail. Pin it up and out of the way for now.
  2. Distribute a little structure-giving gel through your remaining hair and gather into a mid-height ponytail.
  3. Braid this section and secure with a hair tie.
  4. Release the hair gathered into a half ponytail in step 1. Divide it into two sections with the aid of a brush. Create a braid in each half and secure each braid with a hair tie.
  5. Cross over the two braids on top of your head, and spiral them around each other – but don’t be too precise! Use bobby pins to position and secure in place.
  6. Finally, finish everything with hairspray. Now you have a look that will withstand anything you throw at it.

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Best Braids aren’t complicated – you’re sure to get it on your first attempt!
Kiana Alexis Tutorial Best Braids  Step 6

A stylish profile: The TrendLook from side-on.

Tip: It’s easiest to braid hair that isn’t freshly washed. It’ll have more structure, and your braids will hold better. Ideal: Wash your hair the night before, then style the look in the morning.

Where and when could you rock this look – and the other four TrendLooks hairstyles? Kiana and our other models chat about this and more on camera:

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