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Hairstyle Trends 2019: The Most Beautiful Looks for Long Hair

Many women dream of long hair. And in 2019, many gorgeous long-haired styles await us. We reveal top trend cuts and styling for women with long hair

“Less is more” – that’s the motto for hair in 2019. The natural, no-make-up look has reached our hair. This is good news for all women who are reluctant to part with their natural waves. Got some natural structure and movement to your hair? Emphasize it with texture sprays! Well-groomed, shiny long hair and rough, undone styles emphasize our natural beauty. Easygoing styles like the messy bun are perfect for everyday wear. And using just a little styling product does your hair good and helps your daily styling routine along. In the spirit of body positivity, in 2019, we’re celebrating our inner beauty and bringing it out for all to see. Discover the best of the most beautiful long hairstyles for women in 2019.

Natural trend hairstyle 2019: Long, natural hair

One of the biggest trends of all is a move towards natural, uncomplicated hairstyles. Long hair is cut to one length and falls loosely over the shoulders. Tip: Wear it with a center part and add just a little texturizing spray to the lengths, to help your natural hair structure look even better. Cute addition: Hair slides to hold back the hair on either side of your face.

Uncomplicated trend hairstyle 2019: Easygoing updo

A messy bun is a casual, unpretentious way to wear long hair up. It’s the most natural and uncomplicated version of the updo. Out style inspo for this look: Models backstage, after a runway show, quickly twisting up their long locks and piling them atop their heads. Individual strands are allowed to stick every which way out of a messy bun. Special tip: Refine your style with a seductively scented hair perfume.

Relaxed trend hairstyle 2019: Natural waves

Those who are blessed with natural waves can really look forward to 2019. That’s because messy hairstyles with natural waves are very on trend. Tip: Just let your long hair air dry, work through some styling balm or mousse, and you’re done! If you have straight hair, try this simple trick. After washing your hair in the evening, plait two braids and wear these to bed. The next morning, undo your braids to reveal easy, natural waves.

The ponytail: Still a trend hairstyle in 2019

The easiest, most beloved hairstyle is still the ponytail. In 2019, combine yours with bangs.  For daytime, an 80s high ponytail secured with a scrunchy is a hot look. In the evening, switch to a sleek ponytail style, and wrap the base with a section of hair. Embellish your style with accessories such as headbands or bows to turn your ponytail into a statement look.

Long hair + bangs in 2019

Micro-bangs make an extravagant statement. You’ve got to be brave to crop the hair at your forehead so radically, but you’ll be rewarded with a unique, sensational style. The French cut with its oversized bangs is also a great look for long hair. Based on French style icons of the 70s, the French cut looks both casual and elegant – typically French. For this, layers cascade from long bangs, down to chin level – and it’s all styled undone.

Hairstyle trends 2019: Sleek-styled long hair

The glistening wet hair look makes the jump from the catwalk to the street in 2019. This exciting, seductive hairstyle is perfect for evenings and special occasions. You only need some hair gel and a comb. Styling tip: Brush or comb hair back as you would if standing in the shower. Then spray some hairspray over your style.