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Short and mid-length hairstyle trends for 2019

The new season holds a lot of great looks! Here are the coolest short cuts and trendiest styles for mid-length hair

2018 was a terrific hair year: Trends like balayage, the sleek look and braided hairstyles sweetened the passing of the seasons. But we’re also looking forward to the coming year.  Pssst... We’ve got one word for you: Perm! Here are 2019’s trend styles for short and mid-length hair.

Hairstyle trends 2019: The short bob

The short bob is chin length or shorter – an ideal trend style for thick hair.

When you hear “short bob,” do you immediately think of Victoria Beckham’s former ‘do? So do we! What the style icon already wore years ago will be totally in in 2019. Here are the key facts: Hair should be relatively thick. Your hairdresser should cut it to chin length. Essential: It’s important that the cut is not straight, but slightly angled. The beauty of this cut? Flexible, versatile styling. Whether elegant (sleek look), mega fancy (wet look) or casual (soft waves). Everything is possible with this cut!

Hairstyle Trends 2019 - The French cut in mid-length hair

Ooh la la! The French cut is also a trend hairstyle in 2019. This adorably innocent look comes with sassy feathered bangs. Who’s a better style role model than chic French women? They just know how to work it. For the French cut, hair is cut to (more or less) shoulder length. The defining feature of this trend style is definitely the bangs. They’re layered, feathery. Ideally, they should end at eye level, to look nonchalantly overgrown and a little too long. That’s what makes the French look such a trend: It’s so beautifully undone, unconventional and casual. Soft waves make the style even more relaxed. “Just rolled out of bed” has never looked so beautiful!

Hairstyle trends 2019: A perm for mid-length and short hair

Want effortlessly soft waves? A perm could be for you.

Yes, you read right: In 2019, the perm is on-trend for women with mid-length and short hair. Don’t worry, today’s perm looks nothing like its old school, 80s self. Important information for those considering a perm: Perms should always and only ever be done by a professional in a salon. Way too much can go wrong here to casually approach this as a DIY experiment! If you’re scared you’ll look like a poodle, let us soothe your worries: The new perm transforms straight hair into gorgeous beachy waves – without you ever needing to reach for your curling iron or flat iron. Perm from the mid-lengths down for a natural and gentle result.

Hairstyle Trends 2019: The undone bob for mid-length and short hair

Blogger Masha Segwick has proven that the undone bob has earned its place as a trend hairstyle in 2019. Even though it's called “undone”, it needs a little help to get there. Hair ideally reaches anywhere between chin and shoulder length, with some layers. Styling tip: After washing, apply a little styling mousse and then simply blow-dry using a diffuser with your head upside down – or alternatively, using a round brush. Then, add a few random, imperfect curls with a flat iron or curling iron. Loosen the style up with your hands and finish with hairspray. The undone bob can be worn with either a center or side parting.

Hairstyle Trends 2019: Short cut

The hip short cut: A style that suits every hair texture is hard to beat!

Snip, snip, hair be gone! In 2019, the short cut definitely belongs on the list of the hottest trend hairstyles. The boyish short haircut is perfect for women with thick hair and expressive facial features, because this look particularly emphasizes the eyes. Celebrities like Michelle Williams love this cut, because it’s so incredibly versatile. Prefer elegant style? Style it sleek and add a gorgeous headband, for example. Want a cool look? Opt for the wet hair look. And for something a little playful and romantic, add pretty curls. A true all-rounder!