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Schwarzkopf Trend Hairstyles 2019 – Strong, Unique: Sleek Chic

The best hairstyles don’t detract from your look and personality – they emphasize it. It’s then that a look becomes truly individual, and this is what makes someone stylish. The Schwarzkopf TrendLooks 2019, created by stylist Armin Morbach, are more authentic than ever. One of the five styles is Sleek Chic: An androgynous, strong look that puts the focus on your unique personality. Now that’s stylish!

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The TrendLook Sleek Chic – irresistibly confident!

We love that people are all beautiful in their own unique way – and that the same hairstyle looks different on everyone. Individuality is what makes both a person and a hairstyle exciting. The style Sleek Chic puts your own personality in the spotlight. This TrendLook, exclusively created by Schwarzkopf stylist Armin Morbach, scores big with its trendy minimalism. The hair is completely styled off the face – creating a strong, unique look. Model and actor Alan-Fabien Delon shows us just how good it looks. “This look is a kind of revival of the nineties and is very wearable,” says Armin Morbach. Sleek Chic isn’t a style to hide behind!

All about the TrendLook Sleek Chic:

  • Hair is styled back and completely out of the face, making for a very expressive look.
  • Add a trendy wet-look finish – super easy to do with a little styling pomade.
  • This TrendLook thrives on self-confidence. So stand tall and rock that Sleek Chic style!

Recreate the TrendLook Sleek Chic yourself with these styling steps

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Sleek Chic is super wearable – and quick to style.
  1. Wash hair and then blow-dry using the concentrator attachment. Comb hair back while drying.
  2. Stop just before the hair is completely dry. This will make the wet look easier to achieve later.
  3. Spread some styling pomade over your palms to warm it up. Work it in with both hands, smoothing the hair back.
  4. For a sleek finish: Smooth a comb through your hair.
  5. Got longer hair? Only style your roots sleek and wet – leave the lengths and ends of your hair natural.
  6. Finally, finish with a few spritzes of hairspray. From now on, all eyes are on you!

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Use styling pomade to create the Schwarzkopf trend style Sleek Chic.

On which occasions should you rock this and the other four trend hairstyles? Alan-Fabien Delon and our other models chat about this on camera:

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