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Schwarzkopf Trend Hairstyles 2019 – Uncomplicated Glamor: French Glam

We love glamorous looks – particularly those that are easy to style and don’t look too perfect. Informal chic is the name of the game. There’s not a “perfect” finish in sight among the TrendLooks 2019, created by stylist Armin Morbach for Schwarzkopf. This is what makes them trendy, individual – and so well-fitted to the Schwarzkopf #createyourstyle campaign. One of the five trend hairstyles is French Glam: A hairstyle as uncomplicatedly glamorous as French women themselves!

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A little glamor in everyday life? French Glam makes it possible!

Essentially all French women know how to be stylish and chic, while still looking effortlessly cool. French hairstyling, too, has an air of nonchalance. French hair is styled – but never looks too styled. Think: Hair that’s just spent a relaxed afternoon on the Champs-Elysées. Schwarzkopf stylist Armin Morbach has reinterpreted this bright and breezy attitude for one of his TrendLooks 2019 with a casual chignon, styled cool. Check out the look on Nadja Auermann, one of Germany’s most successful supermodels. “This chignon is very modern – it's not about perfection. With a little volume powder and hairspray, the hair looks good even on day two.” French Glam is a glamorous look for every day – not just for fancy occasions!

What makes the TrendLook French Glam so wearable

  • Hair doesn’t hug your head smoothly. Instead, the roots are super voluminous. How? Tease up some volume – easy!
  • Can’t get all the strands where you want them? No problem! That's what makes this look so stylishly casual.
  • Keep things looking a little unintentional: Don’t tuck all the loose ends into your chignon. A few ends sticking out make for a cool finish.

Want to recreate the French Glam style? It’s so easy:

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We bet you’ll get the French Glam look quickly and easily!
  1. For full roots, first: Tease. A tail comb and hairspray will help. Pin this teased section out of the way for now.
  2. Comb one of the two side sections of hair back, securing at the center of the back of your head with bobby pins.
  3. Now take the remaining side section, gather at the back of your head, and roll it under on itself. Secure with bobby pins. Remember: It’s OK if there’s some hair sticking out here and there. This makes the style perfectly imperfect.
  4. Now shake out the teased section, gather at the back of your head, and pin in place with bobby pins. The resulting quiff gives the look a pinch of rock ‘n’ roll.
  5. To get it just the right amount of messy: Use your fingertips to slightly loosen up the quiff and side sections.
  6. Finally, finish with hairspray. This will help your TrendLook to last the night – and even the next day!


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You’re just a few steps away from casual chic with Schwarzkopf’s 2019 trend style French Glam.

Want to know more about the Schwarzkopf TrendLooks 2019? Check out the video below, where Stylist Armin Morbach reveals details about his custom-created styles:

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